Product Data Goal

The goal of the data course is to support product teams to deliver more user and business value by understanding better how to collect, analyse, experiment with and make decisions with data to support the business in gaining velocity and executing on the right priorities.

Benefits for Product teams include….

  • Understand how data fits into the way products work

  • Determine how to measure the success of your product using key performance indicators

  • Strengthen our product teams’ ability to make data informed decisions

  • Respond to the common challenges that our teams face when working with data

  • Equip product managers to autonomously interpret their data and to better collaborate with their product analysts

  • Enable our product teams to run better experiments by using data to build their hypotheses and run AB tests that are statistically correct

Who is the course for?*

  • Product teams

  • Product Manager/Product Owner

  • Data Analyst

  • Developer/Engineering Manager

  • *Individuals who are not part of product teams can go through the self-serve content to support their ongoing development.


  • 1


    • Overview

    • Lesson 4.0: Why data is important for product

    • Lesson 4.0: Quiz

  • 2

    Part I: Product Discovery with Data

    • Lesson 4.1: Introduction to Product Discovery

    • Lesson 4.1: Quiz

    • Lesson 4.2: Key analysis techniques you should care about when doing Product Discovery

    • Lesson 4.2: Quiz

    • Lesson 4.3.1: Setting up the context of our Product Discovery

    • Lesson 4.3.1: Quiz

    • Lesson 4.3.2: Capturing opportunities in Product Discovery

    • Lesson 4.3.2: Quiz

    • Lesson 4.3.3: Exploring opportunities in Product Discovery

    • Lesson 4.3.3: Quiz

    • Lesson 4.3.4: Ideate & start validating assumptions in Product Discovery

    • Lesson 4.3.4: Quiz

    • Rate your satisfaction on Product Discovery with Data

  • 3

    Part II: Data Visualization & Storytelling

    • Lesson 4.4: Data Visualization & Storytelling

    • Lesson 4.5: Storytelling: Understand the context

    • Lesson 4.5: Quiz

    • Lesson 4.6: Storytelling: Tell a Story

    • Lesson 4.6: Quiz

    • Lesson 4.7: Storytelling: Choose the appropriate Data Visualization

    • Lesson 4.7: Quiz

    • Lesson 4.8: Storytelling: practical example

    • Lesson 4.8: Quiz

    • Rate your satisfaction on the lessons on Data Visualization and Storytelling

    • What's next?

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Lead Visualization Analyst

Javier Perez

Javier is a data visualization and storytelling specialist, with 8+ years of experience in data analytics in the internet sector. He has been working in Adevinta Spain for 5 years, first as a Data Engineer, then Data Analyst, and finally as Head of Insights Cross. He is now the Lead Visualization Analyst for the Hub, acting as a reference in Tableau.

Data Analyst in GMM

Maria Farrés

Maria is a data analyst with a great interest in product and marketing analytics. She lands in the Product Academy with expertise in collecting product and marketing insights for several teams across the Global Markets portfolio. Besides, Maria has actively contributed in data democratization initiatives to provide Global Markets business audiences with autonomy to access data.