Who is the course for?

  • All Business profiles interested in learning basic concepts of ML

  • Content only available for Adevinta employees

Adevinta Avenues Competencies

At the end of this course you will have worked on the following competencies: Life-Longer Learner, Curious Analyst, Storytelling

Course Structure

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  • 4 core modules

    Go at your own pace

  • 3 hours of tailored content

    Beginner's level of ML information for all Adevintans

  • Sharing ideas

    Recorded videos, quizzes, and ML brainstorming gatherings

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to ML Academy

    • Welcome!

  • 2

    Intro to Machine Learning

    • Overview of Machine Learning

    • Meet your instructor - A message from Tom Gadsby

    • MLB01 -Test your learning- Overview of Machine Learning

    • What is a Machine Learning Model?

    • MLB01 -Test your learning- What is a Machine Learning Model?

    • Categories of Machine Learning

    • MLB01 -Test your learning- Categories of Machine Learning

    • How does a Model Actually Learn?

    • MLB01 -Test your learning- How does a Model Actually learn?

    • The Machine Learning Pipeline

    • MLB01 -Test your learning- The Machine Learning Pipeline

  • 3

    ML Model Performance - Part I

    • Introduction- A message from Tom Gadsby

    • Overview of ML Performance

    • MLB02-Test your learning- Overview of ML Performance

    • Classification Model Performance

    • MLB02- Test your learning- Classification Model Performance

  • 4

    ML Model Performance - Part II

    • Introduction- A message from Tom Gadsby

    • Regression Model Performance

    • MLB03-Test your learning- Regression Model Performance

    • Clustering Model Performance

    • MLB03- Test your learning- Clustering Model Performance

  • 5

    Build your own model

    • Orange for ML

    • Applying your knowledge in Orange

    • MLB04 - Test your learning- Applying your knowledge in Orange

    • Data Preparation

    • MLB04 -Test your learning- Data Preparation

    • Model Training & Testing

    • MLB04 - Test your learning- Model Training & Testing

  • 6

    You've completed ML Business: Part I!

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...