Leadership Essentials Standard Track approaches your development holistically with a focus on role expectations, practical knowledge and techniques you can use. It gives you opportunities to share learnings with peers to drive success in your role.

Who is this course for?

  • The Programme is suitable for new and junior managers who need to raise their self-awareness and who can commit to improving their management skills by joining the entire Discovery Phase and Peer Coaching Sessions (see more information below).

  • This content is only for Adevinta Employees

Programme Flow

Please see the initial programme flow below with an explanation of each phase:

Self Discovery Activities

  • Facet5 Assessment

    Personality assessment to understand your work preferences in different situations.

  • 360° Feedback

    A 360-degree feedback evaluation (involves feedback from peers, direct reports, manager, and self) will be sent out before the programme starts. This will help you (and us) understand how you are currently performing as a manager.

  • Development Plan

    Based on the learnings from your Facet5 and 360 you will work with your internal coach and manager to create a development plan with key actions to implement to impact your work, your team, and the business.

Online Course Structure

  • 4 Modules

    Participants access the online content at their own pace within a determined time frame with programmatic support and internal coaching.

  • Asynchronous e-learning

    The participant will have two weeks to complete each module. Each module is 2.5 hours.

  • Content

    Helpful videos, templates and exercises have been carefully designed to support your learning journey.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Course Information

    • Programme Description

    • How to get the most out of self-led learning

    • Introduction Video

  • 2

    Module 1: How to Coach

    • Lesson 1.1: Introduction to Coaching

    • Coaching self-assessment

    • Lesson 1.2: The Growth Mindset

    • Lesson 1.3: GROW

    • Lesson 1.4: The 4C's

    • Lesson 1.5: Blending Coaching your Leadership Style

    • Lesson 1.6: Embodied Coaching

    • Lesson 1.7: Powerful Coaching Questions

    • Comparing Coaching to Training

    • Lesson 1.8: Listening

    • Check your Knowledge

    • Review the Learnings

    • Additional Resources

    • Rate Your Satisfaction for Module 1

  • 3

    Module 2: Unleashing Performance

    • Unleashing Performance

    • Lesson 2.1: Developing Trust

    • Lesson 2.2: Feedback without Fear

    • Lesson 2.3: Influence without Power

    • Lesson 2.4: Empowerment

    • Lesson 2.5: Gimmick Free Engagement

    • Lesson 2.6: Happiness and Performance

    • Lesson 2.7: Practical Approach for Difficult Conversations

    • Lesson 2.8: Managing Defensiveness in Difficult Conversations

    • Check your Knowledge

    • Review the Learnings

    • Additional Resources

    • Rate Your Satisfaction for Module 2

  • 4

    Module 3: Consultative Decision Making

    • Consultative Decision Making

    • Lesson 3.1: Purposeful Meetings

    • Lesson 3.2: The Role of Ownership and Trust in Teams

    • Lesson 3.3: Individual and Group Decision Making Tools

    • Lesson 3.4: Cultivating Innovation and Problem Solving

    • Lesson 3.5: Introducing Liberating Structures

    • Lesson 3.6: The Role of Inclusion and Belonging in Decision Making

    • Check your Knowledge

    • Review the Learnings

    • Additional Resources

    • Rate Your Satisfaction for Module 3

  • 5

    Module 4: Employee Life Cycle

    • Introduction to Employee Life Cycle

    • Lesson 4.1: Hiring at Adevinta

    • Lesson 4.2: Onboarding

    • Lesson 4.3: Performance

    • Lesson 4.4.1: Adevinta Avenues - 1

    • Lesson 4.4.2: Adevinta Avenues 2

    • Lesson 4.5: Promotion

    • Lesson 4.6: Manager Self Service

    • Lesson 4.7: Smart Working Policy

    • Lesson 4.8 Offboarding

    • Check your Knowledge

    • Review the Learnings

    • Rate Your Satisfaction for Module 4

Coaching Check-In

The purpose of the sessions are to give you opportunities to aid each other's growth and in turn grow yourselves. The group keeps you accountable to your post-training development action plans.

Post 360°

We want to make sure participants are implementing the learnings of the programme and enhancing their performance, we will kindly ask you to complete a 360 pre and post-programme survey.



Trevor Hudson

Trevor is a freelance consultant with The Learning Curve, he has held senior positions in a number of different tech companies - both established and scale-up and has been leading distributed teams for over a decade. He is also a co-founder of the future of work community Hello Monday Club, a fellow of the Royal Society for the Advancement of the Arts Manufacturing and Commerce and is published in academic journals as well as a regular writer on Medium.


Pilar Rodriguez

Pilar is a valued facilitator, trainer and executive coach with 15 years freelance experience in people development. She is passionate about coaching and training as the key for both companies and individuals to unlock personal and organisational success simultaneously.

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